BMC SmartReporting Server (Tomcat) Gets In To Hung State

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting 9.0.01


    Smart Reporting 9.0 SP1



    • BMC SmartReporting Server (Tomcat) Gets In To Hung State



    Application has the deadlocked threads. Application may be out of heap space Application is locked up waiting for a database connection



      Tuning the Tomcat server configuration will address this issue. Please follow below steps:
    1. Stop Smart Reporting using services
    3. Open Command prompt and navigate to reporting install directory and run command:
    tomcat7w.exe //ES//BMCSmartReporting
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    1. From the above Properties panel, click on Java tab and apply below configurations
    1. In Java Options, and parameters:
      -XX:HeapDumpPath=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\SmartReporting\appserver\logs
          b.  Increase both the   Initial memory pool and   Maximum memory pool to the values   2048   MB     to  5120 MB respectively 
          c. In the Thread stack size field, if you do not see any value (default), set the value to   256 KB

           4. Disable the YellowFin   Debug logs and set to   INFO
                 a. Navigate to the <>SmartReporting\appserver\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\ 
                 b. Edit and enable only the 

          5. Backup the older log files from <>\SmartReporting\appserver\logs to some \temp location   and delete the existing ones 
          6. Start the Smart Reporting services and proceed with application monitoring 

    NOTE: This tuning process is necessarily iterative: monitor, adjust, re-monitor, compare, and validate improvements. This is a standard process for runtime behaviour adjustment

    Please apply the configuration right away and proceed with application monitoring


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