Performance problems since upgrading to 10.5

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    TrueSight Operations Management


    Performance problems may be encountered after upgrading to 10.5.

    For example, in TSIM ops console:

    the device matrix page is slow to load if there are > 5k devices.

    expanding groups in the navigation tree pane can be slow if there are large number of groups.

    the deployment analysis report fails with Internal Server Error.

    thresholds take a long time (> 30 seconds) to be displayed on a graph.

    In TSPS console, when trying to fetch thresholds on a Performance Overview graph the result is "Graph cannot be displayed currently because data for the selected attribute/time range is not available or connectivity issues exist", but without thresholds the data points are correctly shown.


    A change was made in 10.5.00 to use agent controller federated cache, but due to a problem with jboss, performance problems may be encountered. To resolve this, add following properties to pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf and restart TSIM:



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