Discovery: error message "Baseline information is not available" when you click on Administration > Baseline

Version 8
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    Error message "Baseline information is not available" appears when you click on Administration > Baseline.







    DRUD1-17681, DRUD1-18879, DRUD1-17681



    Legacy ID:KA390062


    Root cause 1: Error appears when too many pattern configuration changes are done 
    To confirm the root cause,
    - Backup the file /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv
    - Edit the baseline.csv file and find the longest line and remove it (it is typically the one starting with pattern.modification, it can be > 1000 chars)
    - Execute the command "tw_baseline --rebaseline". This command will acknowledge all the pending changes.
    - Click on Administration > Baseline.
    - If the problem is resolved, the root cause is confirmed ... i.e. the problem is caused by a line too long in baseline.csv


    There are 2 defects related to line too long in baseline.csv:
    1) DRUD1-17681 fixed in
    2) DRUD1-18879 - Baseline fails if the message is too long - improve handling.   Not fixed as of May 2020.

    Root cause 2:  Error appears when file /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv does NOT exist or cannot be opened or the content cannot be parsed.
    Solution 2:

    1. Check if /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv exists.
    3. If it exists then:
      Run:  ls -l  /usr/tideway/var 
      Rename the file:  mv /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv_orig 
    5. Run tw_baseline to generate a new baseline.csv
    7. If the file does NOT exist, then please run tw_baseline to generate the new /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv
    9. From the UI, try Administration > Appliance Baseline.  If the problem is still encountered, the only other workaround is to update /usr/tideway/var/baseline.csv manually every time it is generated (i.e. every time the tideway service is started or whenever tw_baseline is run).  For this case, you can rename baseline.csv (e.g. to baseline.csv_orig) and then run sed command:

      sed 's/BEGIN CERTIFICATE.*END CERTIFICATE//g' baseline.csv_orig > baseline.csv



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