Smart Reporting Toolbar Breaks if Last Name has Apostrophe

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting 9.1


    If a Smart Reporting user’s last name has an apostrophe in it, it causes the toolbar to load incorrectly and the options don’t behave correctly:

    Inspecting the page, it looks like the issue is caused by the ‘ breaks the javascript rendering of the page which is probably causing this issue.


    1. Create user last name: O'test (CTM:People form)

    2. Onboard or runt the RSR:UpdateCompletedStatus escalation

    3. Now login to midtier and click on smart report console

    4. Now see the results(attached screenshot)


    This is a Defect with YellowFin team with Defect ID: SW00517230 where Special characters are not handled appropriately in the current release(s) of Smart Reporting. YellowFin has confirmed that this defect won’t be addressed in the coming release and will be considered in future release(s) of YellowFin.

    The only workaround for this to be eliminate the special characters used in the first/last name of User Profile.

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