Atrium CMDB - ARERR 8755 The specified plug-in does not exist BMC.ARDBC.NOTIFY

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    BMC CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    BMC Atrium Core CMDB 9.1, 9.0, 8.1



    The following symptoms lead to same solution:

    1. Updating Reconciliation Jobs or Loading CMDB Extensions results in this error:


    ARERR[8755] The specified plug-in does not exist. BMC.ARDBC.NOTIFY


    2. The cmdbext_install.log file shows the following error message:


    LOAD WORKFLOW: dataimport error Return: 1055


    The following error occurs in the 502-TDONLY-RIK_error.log:


    **** Import of E:\BMCSOF~1\DISCOV~2\CMDB_Extension\work\extensions\502-TDONLY\.\.\.\ACTIVITY_GROUP_def.arx started.


    **** Record 2 : The specified plug-in does not exist. -- BMC.ARDBC.NOTIFY ( 8755)


    3. CMDB Upgrade may fail with the following return code:

    ReturnCode:  ERROR
       Message number :  120181]},
      Throwable=[com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.RuleEngineExecutionException: com.bmc.smbu.install.common.rule.engine.CommandExecutionException: The execution log for CMDB Driver command (D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\cmdb\en\workflow\upgrade\210patch000\upgr-cmd-OSD.txt) printed a message id which was interpreted as an error.

    4. Any activity related to making changes to the CMDB Common Data Model (CDM).
    You may see this error especially when adding or removing attributes to or from classes within the BMC.SIM namespace.




    Legacy ID:KA293747


    When you install the SIM CMDB Extensions it adds a new plugin named BMC.ARDBC.NOTIFY by copying the notifyardbc70 plugin to the ARserver, and updating the ar.cfg/ar.conf file with a Plugin line to load it.


    There are also AR filters added that all begin with the word "SIM:"


    and so on. There should be a total of 4 of those filters. They are triggered on Modify or Create actions in Attribute Definitions and OBJSTR:Class. 

    The plugin is used to notify the BPPM Publishing Server of changes to any of the Reconciliation Rule definitions on the server.


    The error message above means that the filter exists but the plugin is not installed or not loaded on the ARserver. This is usually common in AR Server 9.1 that has been upgraded from earlier versions.


    This can occur when:


    - Workflow was migrated to a new server, without running the installation


    - Database dump from one server to another, without running the SIM Extensions


    - Two ARservers sharing the same database, such as in a server group


    - The SIM plugin was installed on the ARserver, but is not loaded


    Steps to check:
    NOTE: Update!! As of November 29th 2016, the below information is LEGACY at this point but we're preserving it here for reference.
    As of now the best action to solve this error is to use the BMC AR Dev Studio to disable all Filters that begin with the word "SIM:"
    This will stop the error from occurring. AR restart is not necessary.

    Here is a screen capture of these filters for reference:

    SIM Notify Filters to disable



    - Check that all ARservers have the Plugin line in ar.cfg/ar.conf file that loads the notifyardbc70 plugin, and verify the plugin is in the location specified


    - Enable Plugin logging and restart the ARserver. Check the arerror.log and plugin log for errors loading the plugin


    - If the plugin is not installed, run the SIM CMDB Extension loader on the new ARServer to install the plugin on it. (Note: There is an enhancement request to add support for Server groups in a later version of SIM)


    - If you do not have SIM, the Service Model Editor, or the Publishing Server in your environment, but somehow acquired the SIM:Notify:ReconInfo filter from one of the above migration scenarios, temporarily disable the filter


     - If you receive the following error message instead of 8755:


             The AR System Plug-In server is not responding.  Cannot connect to the system at this time.  Contact your AR System Administrator for assistance. -- RPC: Timed out ( 8939)


       the issue is that the plugin exists, but is not configured propertly.  Check the value of BMC-ARDBC-NOTIFY-Server-Port  is specified correctly in ar.cfg/ar.conf file.


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