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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server 8.1.x


    Example scenario
    Records for Incident / Problem Management are not visible via Global Search or via RKM searches.
    We checked the configurations for RKM and FTS and they appear to be correct.
    After troubleshooting, we identified that the indexes for the particular forms were broken.
    We do not want to take the time to completely reindex all forms; So we need a way to reindex specific forms.





    ARServer contains a special Run Process command that can be used, Application-FTS-Reindex-Form.
    This Run Process command is typically called by workflow but it can be called manually using the Driver utility

    Launch the Driver (C or Java) utility:
    - Execute the 'init' and 'log'  commands to login.
    - Execute  'ssp'  if a TCP port is required.
    - Execute 'ver'  to validate a successful login
    - Execute the following commands, replacing 'PBM:Problem Investigation'  with the form name that you need to reindex:

    Command: proc
    Command: Application-FTS-Reindex-Form "PBM:Problem Investigation" 0
    Wait for process to complete? (F):
       ARExecuteProcess  results
    ReturnCode:  OK
    Status List : 0 items

    This will trigger the Reindex for PBM: Problem Investigation form.

    To check the Parameters of Application-FTS-Reindex-Form, here is the documented syntax:
    Application-FTS-Reindex-Form "form" [ "scanTime" [ fieldId 1 ] . . . [ fieldId N ] ]

    Form : This can be any form on which we want to perform a reindex. Initiates a full text reindex on the specified form.

    1. indicates the date and time from which the server should scan for updates. If the scan time is omitted, the form is completely reindexed. The value specified is only used for regular forms.
    3. The server treats join, vendor, and view form requests as on-demand scans.     
      1. These form types record a last scan time value that is used in on-demand scans and scheduled scans.
      As you can see in our Example we have used 0 Zero which we can use to perform entire Reindex on this form from the beginning. So beginning means from the time the data is inserted in the form  
    Zero can be used for the scan time to differentiate between a request for an on-demand scan, and a complete form reindex. Because regular forms do not have scheduled scans, the specified value is used. 
      Note: The standard format is a character string date, but the server also accepts a numeric timestamp value.  
    So we can also use any string like this if we are sure about the Data time values from which we want to reindex records  
    "9/28/2015 5:06:52 PM" 
      fieldId  This is optional if you want to reindex entire form. 
    1. If you have to reindex specific field records which have been updated from external data soruces and you are not aware of them then we can use this option.
    3. [fieldId [1..N] Indicates the fields with data changes by including a range of field IDs. If no field IDs are specified, the server will not perform  analysis to determine if a reindex is needed before proceeding with the reindex.
    5. This advanced option is used when the BMC Remedy AR System server database has been updated externally, and it is not known if any of the updated columns are associated with full text indexed fields.
    if there were none, unnecessary indexing is avoided. 



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