Invoking Atrium Orchestrator (AO) type callout from CLM fails with error Service AO Configuration Distribution is not reachable

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x release or higher



    A failure occurs when an Atrium Orchestrator (AO) type callout is requested during a new service provisioning activity. The problem is noted as communication problem between Platform Manager server and BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) server.

    - BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) server is pingable from Platform Manager server and using netstat the port shows listening. 
    - CSM.logs show that the call is being made to BAO server

    [INFO] GENERIC_PROVIDER - [Thread=4f59cd15-828b-40f4-9384-704103b8382c::aa749bd1-226b-4daf-b928-2fd0f45cf28b::aaeee38f-0f02-4ce1-8683-a885067fc9e9(246)] [] - Entered Method...

    However the SOAP request fails as follow:

    [INFO] GENERIC_PROVIDER - [Thread=4f59cd15-828b-40f4-9384-704103b8382c::aa749bd1-226b-4daf-b928-2fd0f45cf28b::aaeee38f-0f02-4ce1-8683-a885067fc9e9(246)] [] - Entered Method... 
    [ERROR] GENERIC_PROVIDER - [Thread=4f59cd15-828b-40f4-9384-704103b8382c::aa749bd1-226b-4daf-b928-2fd0f45cf28b::aaeee38f-0f02-4ce1-8683-a885067fc9e9(246)] [Class=AoHelper:doCallAo] - Failing SOAP Request is :

    --------Start SOAP Request---------">" xmlns:wsse="">admin--Encrypted String--x+IJYzkzRt8tjHGnMJaJhA==">
    :CLM_AO_test:log csm request
    admin123" target="_blank">">XXXX">

    With this SOAP request, there is nothing done at
    BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) server as the SOAP UI call fails and then provisioning fails with a generic error


    "errorCause" : "Could not invoke AO Workflow : Workflow Name: :CLM_AO_test:log csm request, Callout Name: AO Callout, Type: PRE_CALLOUT, Class: ComputeContainer , Operation: CONSTRUCTOR. Service AO Configuration Distribution is not reachable."


    Note: In this case, the credentials used are not the default admin/ admin123. Also /orca /wsdl are exempted from Atrium SSO




    The domain name of AO-host is missing from the AO-URL in the %Platform_Manager%/configuration/providers.json file


    The xml request is generated by Platform Manager server will not get recognized by BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) server if any of the following configuration is not done correctly and lead to communication failure:

    1. Aoadmin user should be part of Aoadmin group in the AtriumSSO configuration
    2. CDP URL configured in %Platform_Manager%/configuration/providers.json should have the FQDN of the host in the url

    In this scenario, the issue is the with the way the AO-CDP url is configured in the %Platform_Manager%/configuration/providers.json in Platform Manager server. The domain name of AO-host is missing from the AO-URL which results in SSO authentication failure.

    Contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance.

    Additional information: Refer to How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support

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