Console log in issue - service is not ready yet

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Client Management 12.x


    After installing BCM console on remote machine using msi, user is unable to login to console using admin account.
    Able to telnet to 1610, 1611.
    Firewall is disabled.
    Java Web Start console is working.
    But when try to login using installed console getting error message "Connection Failed: the host is reachable on the given port but the service is not ready yet. Please try again later"



    Certificate does not get installed when we install the console


    Download the certificate and import.

    1. Open a web browser and open the link to access the Java Web Start Console:


    2. Click on the Console Java Security Certificate, which will download and import the required certificate.

    Java Security Certificate

    3. After proceeding through the prompts, you should get a "certificate successfully installed" popup. Once you get this, re-open the msi console and you should be able to login.

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