Attachments are not Sent via Email that are based on Email templates Configured Within an Escalation Action

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    FootPrints Service Core


    BMC FootPrints Service Core


    The following problem pertains to FootPrints version 10.0, but may occur in earlier versions of FootPrints. When an instant escalation is configured to run on an issue, and the following conditions are set within the Escalation Action section:

    1. "Send single-Ticket notification mail to the following space-separated email addresses" is selected
    3. Email Template is configured with the following checkbox selected, "Attach Attached Files"
    This article addresses only new attachments on an issue not being sent to recipients of the Esclation mail when the issue escalates. By design, existing attachments will not be sent via escalations(instant or time-based). In addition, new attachments will not be sent when an time-based escalation triggers by design. 



    This Issue has been resolved in the new release of FootPrints, version 10.0.1. Premium Care Support customers with active contracts are eligible to receive this release at no additional cost. Click Here download the update. For customers not on Premium Care Support, please Click Here to request additional information on renewing your Support. If you do not wish to install the new release of FootPrints, version 10.0.1, you may apply the patch below.


    Download a patch for this issue.

    Rename to:

    This patch is compatible with FootPrints version 10.0.

    Those customers having a valid FootPrints support contract may obtain the upgrade package here (logging in using a valid support profile login may be required) if they are not on this version:

    The steps below for applying the patch may be followed if:

    1) FootPrints is not configured in a Fault Tolerant/Failover or Loadbalancing environment.
    2) WebServer authentication is not being used in Footprints. If FootPrints is configured in a Fault Tolerant/Failover or Loadbalancing environment, do not follow the steps below. In this case, follow the steps as described in KB article TIA04577.
    If FootPrints is configured to use "Web Authentication" (configured at "Administration | System | Authentication"), it may be advisable to create a Service account for FootPrints use, which will then allow the steps below to be followed. Creating the Service Account pertains to those FootPrints installs running on Windows servers. The creation of the Service account is detailed at KB article TIA04578.
    If a Service account is not created and Web Authentication is used for Footprints, instead of following the steps below, simply place the attached zip file in the "base" install location of Footprints (i.e. C:\FootPrints on Windows or /usr/local/footprints for Unix/Linux or the actual install location) and extract the contents of the patch to replace the original files. If neither Loadbalancing or Webserver authentication is being used, the steps below may be followed to apply the patch.

    For Windows installs of FootPrints:

    1) Save the file to the footprints "base" install folder on the server (i.e. C:\Footprints or the actual install location of FootPrints if installed elsewhere).
    2) Using Windows Explorer, doubleclick the mrPatch.bat file in the footprints\cgi folder.
    3) A command prompt window will open which will guide you through installing the patch. 4
    Follow the prompts to select the patch file and apply it.

    For Unix/Linux installs of FootPrints:

    1) Save the file to the footprints root directory on the server (i.e. /usr/local/footprints or the actual install location of FootPrints).
    2) Open a command shell window on the Footprints server.
    3) cd to /usr/local/footprints/cgi
    4) Run the script as follows: ./
    5) Follow the prompts to select the patch file and apply it.

    The following files will be backed up and replaced by the patch install process: footprints\cgi\SUBS\ footprints\cgi\SUBS\


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