Perform query failing with error "Unable to communicate to server.  Connection timed out" when run against a Linux machine

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    When running best1collect -n [hostname] -q from the Gateway Manager it fails with the following error:
    Error: Unable to establish connection with service daemon
    Unable to communicate to server. Connection timed out.
    Tue Jun 26 17:08:11 2012
    !Query: Request had no response from Service Daemon on node: [hostname]

    But, when running the same command locally on the machine itself it succeeds.

    These basic checks are working

    • ping of the remote host is successful
    • ssh from Gateway Manger to the remote host works




    Legacy ID:KA373489

    The first thing to check is what output do you get if you run the following command on the command line of the Gateway Manager 
    date;echo "" | telnet [agent-hostname] 10128;date

    Based upon the   Connection timed out message, it seems like there may be a firewall between the Gateway Manager and the Service Daemon that is silently dropping the connection. 

    If the   bgsagent process is properly running on the remote node, try to execute the following command on the GM: 
    telnet [agent-hostname] 6767
    where 6767 is your Perform Agent port (by default port 6767 and that is a port that isn't typically overridden in an environment). 

    After, you have to to the same command, but on port 10128 
    telnet [agent-hostname] 101238

    Both the command have to end without error (connection established). 
    If they are not working, you have to investigate with network team which is the problem 

    Here a generic article that can help you

    Here an example of a problem and the resolution 
    $ date;echo "" | telnet [agent-hostname] 10128;date
    Wed Jun 27 07:49:28 CDT 2012
    telnet: connect to address No route to host
    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host
    Wed Jun 27 07:49:28 CDT 2012

    If the machine is running Linux, run the following command and verify that  
    • The local firewall isn't running
    • If it is running that ports 6767 and 10128 have been opened on the machine
    To check this, you can run this command (as root) 
    # service iptables status

    If the   iptables firewall is enabled you'll want to see output like this: 
    xx ACCEPT tcp -- state NEW tcp dpt:10128
    xx ACCEPT tcp -- state NEW tcp dpt:6767

    That would indicate that there is a firewall rule for those ports. 

    If those lines are not visible in the output and the firewall is enabled that would indicate that the remote machine is running the local iptables firewall and the BPA ports haven't been opened. 

    To resolve the problem it would be necessary to update the local firewall configuration to open the following ports: 


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