DocumentData table size increases in Smart Reporting DB

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting 9.1


    Smart Reporting DB is consuming huge space. DocumentData under Smart Reporting DB is the most consuming Table


    We have settings in Smart Reporting application for configuring the report caching in from report/content categories, which shall help to only cache the contents for the latest result set and not based on results which are archived over the period.

    Navigate to the Smart reporting using Report Admin User :

    Administrator -> Admin Console -> Content Categories -> Navigate to the respective Report category , For example : Click on Change Management

    Navigate to the Report Version History -> and select the Version History option to "Only keep the latest result set", click on Save

    Once this option is set for all the identified categories, then whenever the system cleanup task runs overnight, it should purge automatically.

    Please note that this may be quite overhead on DB transaction log , please make sure you have DB setting in place to take care of this"


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