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    MyIT Suite - per Enterprise




    MyIT 3.x


    The records in the form SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge keep piling up.


    It is OK to delete the records on the form SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge. The onboarding utility requires to be run to sync data. It will help so that the data stuck in the social bridge is migrated to social.
    Regarding the records that are stuck due to error, we will need to check as to why they are stuck.

    There are two escalations running on the form:
    SHR:SHRCAI_DeleteDataGreaterthanOneday and SHR:SHRCAI_RetryEventIfError.

    Escalation 'SHR:SHRCAI_DeleteDataGreaterthanOneday' delete the records with status Completed and Return Code OK.

    Note 1: Before deleting the records make sure you take a arx export and submit a case with support to understand the reason for records stuck in SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge form.

    Note 2: If large amount (tens of thousands) SocialBridge records are created and processed daily a build-up of SocialBridge records could occur due to the following defect (which is present in early 9.0 and 9.1 AR Server versions):

      SW00501833 - Escalation is skipping 2000 entries for every 2000 entries processed 
    So in case there would e.g. be 40.000 entries to delete from the SocialBridge form when escalation "SHR:SHRCAI_DeleteDataGreaterthanOneday" executes, only 20.000 of those would be deleted (as the server skips 2000, for every 2000 processed). This could then result in some build up of records. This defect is no longer present in recent 9.0/9.1 AR Server patches. 


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