Enum values are not getting converted in smart reports when using Case function

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting


    Smart Reporting: 9.1.00 ARS: 9.1.00 ITSM: 9.1.00 Mid-Tier: 9.1.00


    Enum values are not getting converted in smart reporting when using Case function

      when we use Case Function as give below then it returns enum values instead of alias 
      Eg. CASE WHEN Impact IS NULL THEN 'Testing' ELSE Impact END



    Kindly go through the documentation which states that the "IS NULL" and "NOT NULL" options in CASE statements are introduced from Smart Reporting 9.1, however it will only work with text fields. DATE and ENUM fields are not supported.


    Enhanced JDBC capabilities > Support for comparison between NULL and NOT NULL values in a CASE statement

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