Atrium CMDB - Authentication Failed Error when Creating/Editing Attribute from Class Manager

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    Atrium class manager


    Atrium UI makes a call on 'Configuration ARDBC' form to fetch the Remedy Application Service password for communication. This call was failing, a blank search on Configuration ARDBC form threw the missing plugin error for "ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE".


    Missing Plugin Entry in AR.CFG


    Atrium UI makes a call on 'Configuration ARDBC' form using AR API Get Entry Call. This is a vendor form due to which "ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE" plugin gets invoked.
    Because the plugin was missing, Atrium UI was unable to get password for internal admin user i.e. Remedy Application Service.
    After setting up "ARSYS.ARDBC.CONFIGFILE"plugin, Atrium UI could retrieve password.

    Post this no errors were observed in Class Manager.

    Note : This is a C plugin hence it will run on a different port than AR Shared plugin port. Also it has a dependency on the DLL "ardbconf.dll", please ensure that an entry for this DLL file is present in your AR.cfg/conf. The entry should look like:
    Plugin: "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\ardbcconf.dll"

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