Not able to add subdomain to "All Domain" in TSCO

Version 3
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    I'm not able to add a new subdomain to All domains.  
    The Add menu exists but only Add time filter and Add entity filter are available. The Add Works button is also missing:


    User-added image

    Another symptom of this issue is that when you go in Workspace > All systems and business drivers > Unassigned, All Domains are mirrored to the Unassigned.



    Caused by a defect when using the All Domains as the destination domain



    Legacy ID:KA412227


    Execute this query:

    select * from application where appid=0


    And check if the column status id returns statusid=2
    If yes, it seems that the domain All domain has been deleted and moved into Unassigned.

    This operation is not possible manually (it can't be done via the UI), but it could be done via a Hierarchy Rule operation.

    If this problem started recently, did you perform some operations on hierarchy rules (e.g. did you deleted an old hierarchy rule? Are you testing a new one?).

    To fix the issue, run these two SQL statements and the add menu will become visible again:
    update APPLICATION set statusid=1 where APPID=0;


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