Remedy - Migrator - What is the best logging to enable when debugging Remedy Migrator issues?

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    What is the best logging to enable when debugging Remedy Migrator issues?



      Steps to enable Client-Side API logs:
      1. Close Remedy Migrator client if it is currently running.
      2. Create an environment variable under System Variables:  Name : ARAPILOGGING Value : 88
    3. Start Remedy Migrator client.
      4. Run the use case.
      5. Client side API log files (arapires*.log) will be created in the current directory.
      Steps to Enable Migrator Debug Logs:
      1. Close Remedy Migrator client if is currently running.
      2. Open the Registry Editor  (regedit.exe)
      3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Remedy -> Remedy Migrator.
      4. Note the path listed in the DataDir Value. This is where the debug logs will be located.
      5. Change the Value LogLayout to 2 and the Value LogLevel to 6
    6. NOTE: After every single run of Migrator, the LogLayout and LogLevel values will get reset.
      Therefore, Steps 2-4 need to be followed each time to enable debug logs.
      Steps to enable logs through Command line:
         --logfile    The file name to send the output too if the layout is HTML or XML and is ignored for simple layout. A default name will be created based on the time/date of execution.
         --layout     The logging layout to use and valued values are,
              0 - XML
              1 - HTML
              2 - Simple
              3 - Console (Default)
         --level      The logging level and value values are,
              0 - OFF
              1 - Fatal
              2 - Error
              3 - Warning
              4 - Information (Default)
              5 - Debug
      Steps to enable Server Side API Logs :
      1. Log in to the Server via Mid-Tier
      2. From the left side pane, click on "AR System Administration Console".
      3. Select System -> General -> Server Information 
      4. Select the "Log Files" tab and select the API log and Filter Log checkbox 
      5. Provide the same name to understand the flow.
      6. Click Apply and OK.


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