When trying to add a new Database Type for Control-M for Databases in the Control-M Configuration Manager client error "EM28003 Bad or Unknown Request" occurs

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    Control-M for Databases


    Control-M for Databases


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 8.0.00, 9.0.00 and 9.0.18 Control-M for Databases 9.0.00 and 9.0.18



    Cannot add a new database type for Control-M for Databases in the Control-M Configuration Manager client. After clicking on "OK" to save the changes, the below error occurs:

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    CAR00173488: The following error message is dispalyed when trying to add a new database type: "Bad or Unknown Request".


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 8.0.00 and 9.0.00

    Install the Control-M for Databases plug-in on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager client hosts and on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager server host as well.

    Please, refer to "Installation on Control-M/EM" section in Control-M for Databases Administration Guide 9.0.00 at http://documents.bmc.com/supportu/documents/49/15/464915/464915.pdf

    If after installing Control-M for Databases plug-in on the Control-M/EM server host, the error still occurs, perform the following steps.

    1. Login to Control-M/EM Server
    3. Check if the following directory exists:     
      • Linux: ~/ctm_em/templates/CM_templates/DB
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\Default\templates\CM_templates\DB\
    5. If the directory does not exists, create it and copy DB_900_ACTIONS_AUTH.INI, DB_900_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTES.INI and DB_900_AUDIT_OPERATIONS.INI you will find attached to this KA.
    7. Run below commands:     
      • LINUX:
      • em loader -f ~/ctm_em/templates/CM_templates/DB/DB_900_ACTIONS_AUTH.INI -append
      • em loader -f ~/ctm_em/templates/CM_templates/DB/DB_900_AUDIT_OPERATIONS.INI -append
      • em loader -f ~/ctm_em/templates/CM_templates/DB/DB_900_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTES.INI -append
      • WINDOWS:
      • em loader -f C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\Default\templates\CM_templates\DB\DB_900_ACTIONS_AUTH.INI -append
      • em loader -f C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\Default\templates\CM_templates\DB\DB_900_AUDIT_OPERATIONS.INI -append
      • em loader -f C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Control-M EM\Default\templates\CM_templates\DB\DB_900_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTES.INI -append
    9. Run the following commands to restart the Control-M Configuration Server:
    11. Login to Control-M Configuration Manager and restart the Control-M GUI Server.
    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.18 

    CAR00173488 has been created to track this issue.  Until it is implemented, please perform steps 1 to 6 provided for Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00.  

    CAR00173488  has been addressed in Control-M/Enterprise Manager 



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