Behavior of Keyword searches in FootPrints Service Core Version 11.0.x

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    The following information pertains to FootPrints Service Core version 11.0.x: In order to provide performance enhancements to the keyword searching and reporting capabilities in FootPrints Service Core version 11.0, changes have been made to the structure of queries passed to the database to return data for searches, reports, Change Management phases and escalations that use "keyword" as search criteria.


    In versions prior to version 11.0, when performing a keyword search, it was not necessary to add a wildcard character to the end of a keyword search string when the keyword search was executed from the "Quick Search" box at the top of the homepage, or from the "Advanced" search, Custom report or escalations.

    For example, to have issues containing the words analytical or analyze returned in a keyword search, the user only needed to enter the string analy and the results would contain those issues having words beginning with analy (issues with the words analytical and analyze would be returned in the results).

    In version 11.0 and later, the user will need to enter a wildcard character (* or % for installs of FootPrints Service Core using an MS SQL database) at the end of the keyword search criteria to create an "anchored" search. Therefore the keyword search string would need to be entered as analy* or analy% in order to find the same issues containing the words analytical or analyze.

    Regarding the structure of queries sent to the database, in versions of FootPrints prior to version 11.0, when a user performed a keyword search or provided keyword criteria in a report or escalation, a "CONTAINS" type query was used to search the Description field and custom multi-line character fields, while "LIKE" type query statements were used to search the Title, Priority, Status and custom fields (types other than multi-line character).

    FootPrints Service Core version 11.0 uses "CONTAINS" type queries for ALL fields when a user does keyword searching from the Quick or Advanced Search pages or in a Custom report or escalation, thus requiring the user to add the "wildcard" character to the keyword search string, providing the benefit of better performance and more accurate search results.

    When searching single line character fields for substrings (i.e. analy), the "LIKE" type query is still used, therefore the wildcard character is not needed, as the query passed to the database by the Footprints Service Core search engine encloses the criteria provided by the user in % symbols (example: MySingleLineCharField LIKE %analy%)


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