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    Certificate error when downloading MyIT App for iOS. For example "This CA Root certificate is not trusted because it is not in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store." and user is unable to proceed with downloading the app.

    This affects all versions of MyIT/SmartIT.




    Legacy ID:KA429679

    Cause: Starting iOS 7.1, Apple has introduced a new requirement that when installing any application onto iOS device using download url, the manifest (.plist file) and the application (.ipa file) to be hosted on a HTTPS server which has a valid CA trusted certificate. Please note that this is not a BMC requirement for MyIT. It is a requirement from Apple for any iOS native app. 

    Solution: The manifest files doesn't have to be hosted on the MyIT Tomcat server, it can be any HTTPS server with a valid CA trusted certificate. If the MyIT Tomcat Server is not configured with HTTPS and a valid CA certificate, you can use any server to host the files. All you have to do is to transfer the MyIT.plist file and MyIT.ipa file to a valid HTTPS server and then point the index.html file to the plist on the remote server with HTTPS 

    For example, you can test this by uploading the files (MyIT.plist file and MyIT.ipa file) to Dropbox (which is HTTPS) if you have a Dropbox account. Edit the index.html under either: 

    to point to the MyIT.plist locaiton, for example: 

    <a class="button" href="itms-services://index.html?action=download-manifest&url="> 
    <img src="../images/install-myit-ios.png" alt="tap to install MyIT iOS app" /> 


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