RSSO / Midtier returns ARERR [623]

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy Single Sign On


    ARERR 623


    RSSO / Midtier returns ARERR [623]


    There are various scenarios due to which you may receive ARERR 623.  Please ensure that the following points are reviewed if you encounter ARERR 623 error message while doing Remedy SSO authentication

    -> Verify by login to Remedy SSO Admin console whether a session for the intended user has been created.  If yes, please check the whether the case of the userid in sessions matches with the Remedy User form record.  For instance if the user session in RSSO is 'Jack' and the userid record in Remedy User form is 'jack', the login process will fail with ARERR 623;  You need to match this case

    -> Verify whether the session in Remedy SSO is created with domain name or email address and it does not match with the record in Remedy User form.  For example 'bmc\Jack' as a user session and in Remedy User form the record is as 'jack';  In this case, you can use the User Id Transformation in Realm configuration of Remedy SSO to remove the domain from the user id.

    -> If a correct SSO service URL is not populated in rsso.cfg file of AR server (<arserver>\conf) directory.  We suggest to use URL with http protocol however if you have security concerns, you can use https URL

    -> If Midtier admin password is incorrect in Midtier configuration tool, the SSO token validation will fail at AR server level.  For this reason, you need to remove the AR server from Midtier config tool and add it back again

    -> Verify that the instructions mentioned in the below documentation link are followed

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