FAQ for Control-M Usage Reporting Tool

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    Control-M Usage Reporting Tool


    Control-M Usage Reporting Tool


    All versions of Control-M/Enterprise Manager and Control-M Usage Reporting Tool



    FAQ for Control-M Usage Reporting Tool



    FAQ for BMC Control-M Usage Reporting Tool


    1. Where do I get the latest version of the Control-M Usage Reporting Tool?
    - The Control-M Usage Reporting Tool needs to be downloaded from the EPD (Electronic Product Download) site at www.bmc.com/support, or via the link below:
    - The Control-M Usage Reporting Tool also comes packaged with Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 Fix Pack 5 and above, on the GUI client host.
    For example with Control-M/Enterprise Manager  From the Start menu, select All Programs > BMC Control-M 9.0.00> Usage Utility (Run as Administrator).

    2. Should I install Control-M Reporting tool in the Control-M/Server or at the Control-M/EM client?
    The Control-M Usage Reporting Tool must be installed on a Windows machine to access the EM database.
    The Windows machine can either be the Control-M/EM server host, any Control-M/EM Client, the Control-M/Server (if Windows), or any Windows machine with JAVA 1.7 or above installed.

    3. What environment settings are needed to run Control-M Usage Reporting Tool?
    The JAVA_HOME environment variable needs to be defined and pointed to a Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or higher installed on the PC client host.
    For example:  set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jre7
    NOTE:  It is also possible to point to the Java version installed with the EM client host.

    4. Do I need to have a Database client installed to run this tool?
    There is no need to install any database client on the Window box that will be running this tool.
    The Usage Reporting Tool uses a JDBC driver to connect to the Control-M/Enterprise Manager database.

    5. How do I complete the connection fields?
    The explanation of each field is at the top of the panel.
    Your Database Administrator (DBA) should be able to provide Control-M/Enterprise Manager's Database name, Database Owner (DBO) and DBO password.
    Do not specify Control-M/Server information as this tool is for gathering data from Control-M/EM database only.
    The Control-M/EM Database Server information can also be found from the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM)
    The port and host can be found in CCM > Database > Location.
    Database name can be found in CCM > Database > Check Space.

    6. Does this tool support only task base licensing?
    Control-M Usage Reporting Tool version 8.0.00 supports only Task Based licensing.
    The newer versions support Task Based and Server End Point licensing.

    7. Is there support for CPU/Tier based licensing?
    To get reports for CPU based licensing also known as tier based licensing, run the "Managed Servers" report using the Reporting Facility (applicable to Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 and earlier).
    This report will contain CPU information for Control-M/Enterprise Manager, Control-M/Server, and Control-M/Agents.
    If Control Modules or PlugIns such as Control-M for SAP are also installed, then the report will simply enumerate all the accounts that are defined but will not print the CPU socket information for the machines that the PlugIn module connects to.
    This information you will need to fill out manually
    The report can be used to help identify the machines that are used in socket calculations.

    8. How to enable debug for the Tool?
    Debug is not currently an option, but when an error occurs, the error is printed to the screen.
    It is best to run the tool in a CMD window and see all the errors printed to the screen.
    To enable the utility using command line, open a Command window and start the tool using the following command:
    After the tool comes up in a GUI, monitor the Command window for error messages.

    9. Which version of Control-M Usage Reporting Tool is compatible to run report for Control-M/Enterprise Manager version 7.0.00?

       For version 7.0.00, download the BMC Control-M Usage Reporting Tool V8.0.002 to generate the report.
    For all other versions, use the EPD link from item #1.

    10. Was The Usage Reporting Tool tested with previous versions of Control-M that were no longer supported when the tool was released
    The tool is tested only with supported versions of Control-M. 

    11. How are tasks/jobs counted?
    See the "About Tasks" or "About Server Endpoints" options found on the Welcome Screen of the Usage Tool. 

    12. When is the recommended time to run the Control-M Usage Reporting Tool to generate the report?
    The Control-M Usage Report is based on the "Active Jobs" database, and it is recommended to run the Control-M Usage Reporting Tool after all the Control-M jobs are loaded into the active environment (Active Job File - AJF). 


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