creating multiple identification rulesets for reconciliation job

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    Creating multiple rule set for Identification activity for reconciliation.


    created a Recon-Job that includes an identification activity that uses custom identification rules / rule sets.
    The rules sets includes rules for 5 different datasets. One of them (BMC Asset) is used as production dataset in the identification activity, too. Autoidentify is not activated. Customer noticed workflow ignore all other Dataset and consider only Production dataset to compare.



    Create Recon job with Custom Identification Rule Set.

    In an Identify activity, each participating dataset except the production dataset must be paired with an Identification ruleset. If the activity involves three or more datasets, including the master dataset, each dataset's Identification ruleset must include Identification rules comparing it to all the other datasets. Without these rules, a job that includes this activity will not run.

    In Identification rule set it is recommended to Set lowest Execution Order for BMC Asset.

    Steps to configure the job.

    1) Created one new Recon Job with 1 Identification Activity. Now click on Edit Activity. We have created job for BMC Printer class.
    2) Created activity for 2 dataset. Dataset A and Dataset B.
    3) Created 2 different rulesets for dataset A and dataset B. Created 2 qualifications.
    4) We have created the Qualification to execute only on Printer class and ignore all other classes.

    1 ruleset per class is a good idea. We would also request you not to use BaseElement class in any rules. 

    I have attached the screenshot of creating the job. 


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