Fields not visible in Screen Configuration in Smart IT 1.5

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Customer reported that they are not able to see the custom field in Smart IT.

    We checked customer environment and found that none of the field is visible. Not only just custom field but also the OOTB fields were not visible.


    Configuration Issue


    We had a WebEx to investigate this issue and captured ux logs

    15:51:51.073 | http-bio-9000-exec-12          | ERROR   | c.b.b.m.s.c.CustomizationFieldServiceImpl | Metadata provider error
    com.bmc.bsm.myit.providers.ServiceNotSupportedException: com.bmc.bsm.myitsm.providers.metadata.MetadataService

    15:48:31.885 | localhost-startStop-1          | ERROR   | SYS-INFO | [Pluggable Provider Manager] Unable to load pluggable provider Metadata pluggable provider for tenant 000000000000001 There was a problem processing the mobility server configuration. (MyIT Administration: Data Stores)
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]
                    at ~[mobility-server-]

    We found above 2  errors in the ux debug logs.

    We checked the MyIT Administration on Remedy end to verify the Persistent Data Store entries where we found valid entries.

    Solution: We checked the provider reference in "MyIT Administration Console" (..../ux/admin). The Providers were having incorrect server reference .

    We correct all the entries and added Midtier URL wherever necessary. This helped us to fix the issue and customer can see both OOTB and Custom field under screen configuration.


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