Remedy - ITSM - Incoming email not creating a worklog RBE

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite RBE


    When an incoming email is sent to update the worklog for Incident it does not work.


    RBE functionality


    Review the filter log and check for the Filter "RBE:Message_M520-Subject-FindFormRequestID":

    In the second Set Fields:
    z1D_Char1 (304310850) = REQUEST REQ0000

    So if in the incoming email subject there is anything before the Req00..then it might cause the issue as per the configuration in RBE:Configuration form the Request will pull 15 chars after "REQ".

    Below are the two workarounds :

    1. In RBE:Configuration -> Search for Setting Index as "Request -> Choose the record for "Request Prefix" -> Change it from REQ to REQ0.


    2. Remove "Request"(or any other word) from Subject of the email before Request number while replying from client.

    Option 1 above worked well for customer.

    NOTE: request customer to make this changes noted down. This will not impact if someone doesn't know the behavior.

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