BMC Rule Based Email (RBE) - Troubleshooting

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    Basic BMC Rule Based Email (RBE) - Troubleshooting




    Legacy ID:KA410169

    • Verify AR Email Engine is installed and the service is running
    • Verify Integration between Inbound Email and AR System Email is installed (perform a search on SHARE:Application_Interface)
    • Ensure that the Inbound Rule Engine is enabled
    • Check “AR System Email Error Logs” form for any errors
    • Verify the email id from which the email is being sent is a valid email id in People form
    • Check that the subject of the email is not one those configured to be rejected, such as Auto-reply
    • Check “AR System Email Message” form and “RBE:Message” form to ensure that workflow has fired
    • Check RBE:Transaction form for any error. If all is fine, this is where you will see Incident #
    • Review the Filter log(s) for any error(s)
    • Verify the Server Plugin Entries related to RBE in the ar.cfg file and referring to 9999 Java Plugin Port     
      • #Server-Plugin-Alias: REMEDY.ARF.HTML2TEXT REMEDY.ARF.HTML2TEXT <server>:<port>
      • These plugins should also exist in the ARServer's pluginsrv_config.xml located in the <ARS install dir>\plugin folder
    • Review the pluginsvr_config.xml file in the AR Server Installation\plugin Directory to see if the Plugin Entries with respect to RBE is present.

    "Stuck" E-Mail:

    If there are email messages that failed to send, you can mark them to be resent. To do this, you need to resolve the issue in which caused the e-mails to fail.

    • There are two forms you need to look at:
    1. RBE-Transactions - shows the status of the e-mail processing
    3. RBE-Messages - Contains the actual e-mail message
            a.- Go to RBE:Transaction form and do the search Action Name = Update (adding work info records) or Create (creating records) and Error Number = 91  
          b.- Copy the Email Unique Identifier  
          c.- Open the RBE:Message form, paste the value on the Email Unique Identifier field and do the search  
          d.- Delete the record from RBE:Transaction form  
          e.- On RBE:Message form, change the Status field to Action Found, remove the value from the Form Request ID field, set the z1D Action field to EVALUATE and save the record.  
          f.- The corresponding record should be created on RBE:Transaction with no errors and the workinfo added to the parent record (INC, CHG, WO). 
    See also KA369299 

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