3 Way Recon - Developer Studio's 'View Differences with' option does not report changes in 'Dynamic Permission Inheritance' when reconciling Form properties

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Client


    BMC Remedy AR System Server 9.1.00


    When performing 3 way reconciliation via Developer Studio's 'View Differences with'-option, the tool does not report changes in the 'Dynamic Permission Inheritance' Form properties.

    Steps that would reproduce this issue:

    1. In ITSM 8.1, in the form properties of the 'HPD:Help Desk' form, set the 'Overlay Type' for the 'Other Definitions' section to 'Overwrite'
    3. Upgrade the environment to ITSM 9.1 (during this upgrade, the base layer 'Dynamic Permission Inheritance' form property for the 'HPD:Help Desk' form would get set to "112:60989 60900:60901")
    5. Using Developer Studio 9.1 in Best Practice Mode, connect to both the upgraded 9.1 server and the (pre upgrade) 8.1 server
    7. From the Form Object list in the 9.1 server, right-click the 'HPD:Help Desk' form and use the option 'View Difference with' and choose the 8.1 server as comparison
    Result: Developer Studio does not report that the new 9.1 base layer 'Dynamic Permission Inheritance' property is being masked by the 'Overwrite' overlay 



    Defect SW00504350


    Engineering provided Developer Studio hotfix "DS_9100_2016MAR04_CU_ALL" for this issue, which can be requested from Customer Support.
    The defect has been fixed in Developer Studio 9.1 patch 1. You can download and apply patch 1 or higher to resolve the issue.

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