Getting ARERR 51001 while submitting an incident

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    Getting ARERR 51001 while submitting an incident. Below was the complete error customer was getting:

    "The Support Group "Backoffice Support" is not configured for assignment to Company "TestCompany" on "HPD:Help Desk" form. Please contact your Administrator. (ARERR 51001)"


    We found that Incident Owner assignment was not configured for the company "TestCompany" at customer's environment.

    When we do not have Incident Owner assignment configured the system tries to set the Owner Group to the Default Support Group of the submitter which in this case was "Backoffice Support".

    The Backoffice Support was not configured as Service Provider Support Group in "Support Group Assignment Configuration". Due to which it was not allowing the Owner Group to be added as "Backoffice Support" and it was giving error.

    There are two ways to avoid this error:

    1) Configure Owner Group Assignment for the company "TestCompany" in CFG:Assignment form.
    2) Add "BackOffice Support" as service providing support group in Support Group Assignment Configuration.

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