Approvals are getting Stuck in approval pending form after upgrade.

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    Remedy Change Management Application



    Approval Requests are getting stuck in Application Pending form.



    There could be multiple reasons.



    1. First Open AP-Sample2:Get Agreement form and create a test approval and check whether Approval is getting generated in Approval Central or not.
    2. If Approval is not generated in Approval Central then open Application Pending form and if it has any entry for the recently created approval.
    3. If there are entry in Application Pending form then follow below steps.

    - Killed the Approval Process and checked the Application Pending form whether the entries are getting proceed or not.


    4. If not then follow the below steps.

    -- Checked the ar.cfg file and search for below parameters and make sure it is set to F.


    Approval-Server-Suspended: F

    Note: In Server Group environment, it should set to F only for the primary server and for all rest of the servers it should set to T.  

    3. If done with above settings you need to Restarted the services.

    4. If the problem still persist then get the arjavaplugin.log and arjavapluginstderr.log in debug mode and look for the error.


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