MyIT not sending broadcast to all recipients

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    MyIT Premium




    MyIT 3.x


    Customer sending a broadcast to the group which was loaded by DMT and unable to receive the broadcast notification. If he create a new group and send us notification, User listed in that group does receive a notification. Problem is specific to the group/user that got loaded with DMT. 

    No users were retrieved for groupList [1000000020]. Broadcast sending failed.


    checked logs, and seems there is once more problem with configuration.

    12:29:18.882 | http-nio-9000-exec-9           | INFO    | | Getting entries from ARServer AR Form='User', field IDs=[101, 104, 179, 124, 103]
    12:29:18.882 | http-nio-9000-exec-9           | DEBUG   | | Query Size= 1000
    12:29:18.882 | http-nio-9000-exec-9           | INFO    | c.b.b.m.q.ARQualificationBuilder | Parsing qualification AR Form='User', qualifierString=''104' LIKE "%;1000000021;%"'
    12:29:18.886 | http-nio-9000-exec-9           | DEBUG   | c.b.b.m.q.ARQualificationBuilder | qual = 4\7\1\104\2\4\14\%;1000000021;%\
    12:29:18.992 | http-nio-9000-exec-9           | DEBUG   | | Found 1000 entries

    Mobility query, which we use to resolve members of AR group has limitation of 1000.

    You should change Query Size attribute in form MyIT Administration: Application Data Source Queries for query with name = "USERS_BY_GROUP_ID" from 1000 to 0 (unlimited).


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