Unable to access CLM UI, shows an error "Server response authenticity for login type IMPERSONATE cannot be validated (ARERR 219009)"

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x release or higher



    Scenario 1:
    When trying to login to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) Portal with either Cloud Admin or Cloud End User role, it throws the following error "Server response authenticity for login type IMPERSONATE cannot be validated (ARERR 219009)".

    From csm.log:

    08 Sep 2011 17:23:14,781 [INFO] DB - [Thread=btpool0-4(31)] [Class=CloudDBRequestProcessor:getResource] - ##START CLOUDDB User[username] RETRIEVE##
    08 Sep 2011 17:23:14,922 [INFO] DB - [Thread=btpool0-4(31)] [Class=CloudDBRequestProcessor:getResource] - No records found in CloudDB for class : com.bmc.cloud.model.beans.User having uuid : <username>
    08 Sep 2011 17:23:14,922 [INFO] DB - [Thread=btpool0-4(31)] [Class=CloudDBRequestProcessor:getResource] - ##END CLOUDDB User[username] RETRIEVE success##
    08 Sep 2011 17:23:14,922 [ERROR] LOGIN_SERVICE - [Thread=btpool0-4(31)] [Class=LoginService:authenticate(LoginType)] - User : <username> could not be found in Cloud AR. Authentication failed


    Scenario 2:
    Unable to access Pass Provider (Cloud Administration Console > Workspace > Providers > Pass) and it fails with error "Server response authenticity for login type IMPERSONATE cannot be validated"




    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)  integration with BMC Remedy ITSM Server
    A. Problematic user accounts do not exist on BMC Cloud AR Server.


    Steps to be followed:


    1. Verify the DSO settings on Enterprise AR System (EAR) and Cloud AR System (CAR) that hosts Cloud Database (CDB). Read KA351774 for more details.
    2. Enable the DSO debug logging on EAR and try making change to an user account in EAR. If the DSO settings are valid, the user account information should get DSOed to the CAR successfully. If this does not happen, inspect the DSO debug logs.


    To enable DSO Debug Logging:
    A] Login to EAR Server.
    B] Under AR System Administration Console click  on General under System tab
    C] Click on "Server Information"
    D] Click on Log Files
    E] Check the box for DSO Log, Log Level as Info and Click on Apply, OK.


    In this case, DSO operation failed due to insufficient license, below is the error message found in DSO Debug Log


    (Default location is <System Drive>\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\ARServer\Db\ardist.log): (Windows)
    (Default location is <System Drive> /opt/bmc/ARSystem/db/ardist.log) (Linux):




    <DIST>    Perform mapping (stage 7)
    <DIST>    ** ERROR ** You are already at the limit of the number of fixed user licenses of the following type (ARERR 30)
    <DIST>    Connection info: Server -- MyCloudDBSrv, Port -- 0, RPC program number -- 0
    <DIST>    ** ERROR ** You are already at the limit of the number of fixed user licenses of the following type (ARERR 30)
    <DIST>       ** ERROR ** Failure during mapping attempt  (Fri Sep 09 2011 09:18:36.2970)
    <DIST>       Mapping CSM:DSO:User retrieved from cache


    4. Please refer to https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/clm20/After+you+finish+installation#Afteryoufinishinstallation-ARUserFixedLicenses for more details on the license requirements
    5. After applying "AR User Fixed License" to CAR, the user account was populated as expected and users were able to access the Cloud Portal successfully.


    Note : for specific to below error messages:


    16 Mar 2012 02:17:08,464 [ERROR] REGISTRY - [Thread=Thread-21(45)] [Class=com.bmc.cloud.registry.local.RegistryBinder:postData] - Superuser session not found.


    16 Mar 2012 02:17:08,464 [INFO] API - [Thread=btpool0-6(33)] [Class=AuthenticationFilter:doFilter] - ENTERING AuthenticationFilter


    16 Mar 2012 02:17:08,464 [ERROR] REGISTRY - [Thread=Thread-21(45)] [Class=com.bmc.cloud.registry.local.RegistryBinder:registerLocal] - Error occured while registering local registry. Error : BMC-CLMT-11500018 : Cannot find SSO Token to validate. Please set SSO Token in HTTP Header under name Authentication-Token


    Exception caught while handling request. (ARERR 219009)


    Restart the "BMC CSM services" at the "Platform Manager" Server and wait for 5 minutes which should resolve the above issue.


    B. User account is missing from BMC.CORE:BMC_Person Form of BMC Cloud AR Server.


    In this case, User entry is available on CTM:People and User Forms of BMC Cloud AR Server, but no corresponding entry in BMC.CORE:BMC_Person Form.

    How to remediate:
    1. Login to BMC Cloud Administration Console with Cloud Admin Role and update this problematic user record from Tenants Workspace -> Users tab.
    2. Make an update to this user. For example, Phone Number or Email Address and save this new change.
    3. Verify If it creates this user entry in BMC.CORE:BMC_Person Form of BMC Cloud AR Server


    Refer to the following documentations for more detail information:

    BMC CLM 3.1 release : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/clm31/ARERR+219009+when+logging+in
    BMC CLM 4.1 release : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/cloudlifecyclemanagement/41/troubleshooting/cloud-end-user-issues
    BMC CLM 4.5 release : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/cloudlifecyclemanagement/45/troubleshooting/cloud-end-user-issues/my-cloud-services-console-fails-to-authenticate-when-user-logs-on
    BMC CLM 4.6 release : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/cloudlifecyclemanagement/46/my-cloud-services-console-fails-to-authenticate-when-user-logs-on-669204635.html

    If none of the solutions address this issue, restart your BMC CLM environment in a proper sequence. Read KA361139 for more details

    Contact BMC Customer Support(customer_support@bmc.com) for further assistance.

    Additional information: Refer How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist for How-to videos created by BMC Support


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