How to manually resubmit records which are stuck in SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge Form

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    If records are stuck in the SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge form, these can be resubmitted so that the social escalations will attempt to resend these to Smart-IT/Social service. This does require some manual intervention.  The following describes the steps involved.



    1) Open the SHR:SHRCAI_SocialBridge form and search for records not marked 'Status'=Completed, 'Return Code' = OK 


    NOTE: There may be more records than will be returned in a single chunk so we may need to repeat the activity below multiple times.


    2) Select all matching records


    3) Use 'Modify All' and set values for the following fields:-


         Status = Submitted


         Return code = Retry


         Retry Counter = 1

    4) Save the records.



    The Social Escalation (SHR:SHRCAI_SubmitEvent) should attempt to resend these records.  Repeat these steps until all of the 'stuck' records have been processed.


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