Patrol for Oracle Weblogic (Weblogic KM)- What are the permission requirements for Weblogic KM?

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    PATROL for Oracle WebLogic


    PATROL for BEA WebLogic


    PATROL for Oracle Weblogic 3.x



    What are the permission requirements for Weblogic KM if the Weblogic KM configuration fails?




    Weblogic KM Permissions:

       1. For the Local WebLogic Administrator OS Account, if the user leave the username and password blank the WebLogic KM will use the default patrol userid/password. 
    Note : Patrol account must have recursive read+execute access to the entire WebLogic and JDK installation trees i.e. $WL_HOME and $JAVA_HOME
    2. The Weblogic OS account must have recursive read+write+execute access to the $PATROL_HOME/../srp directory.

    3. With WebLogic KM 3.x, user no longer need to use an account with Admin privileges for the WebLogic username/password,
    User can use an account with Operator role.

    Note: By default the patrol agent and Weblogic KM is installed via patrol user. One of the KM configuration is to supply the script from the 
    local installation of weblogic. In order for this to work, user can make the patrol user to have permission to run the setWLSEnv script and in this user will 
    not need to supply the OS user/password in the UI. If user donot want to give the patrol user permission to run the weblogic script,
    then it is needed to supply a OS user/password that have permission to run the weblogic scipt.

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