Getting ARERR 623 Authentication Failed in RSSO for AR/LDAP Authentication

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    Remedy Single Sign On


    Remedy SSO 9.1.x or higher


    Getting below error after entering credentials:
    623 Authentication Failed

    Error may appear this way on the web browser:

    ARERR [623] 
    Authentication failed : username

    Error Timestamp (Mid-Tier Server): Aug 1, 2019 1:00:00 PM 


    Possible issues with AR Server configuration


    Here are two possible errors in AR Server configuration that may cause the ARERR 623
    when connecting to Mid-Tier using RSSO:

    1.)   The ar.cfg found the following entry missing in configuration:

       Server-Plugin-Alias: AREA AREA <servername>:9999

    Added the entry then restart AR service.  In this case, the AR Server
    was using LDAP.

    2.)   The arjavaplugin.log contained the following repeating error:

    ERROR (8768): Could not load/Save the plugin server configuration file; Error parsing file:/C:/BMC%20Software/ARSystem/pluginsvr/pluginsvr_config.xml

    It was found that the AR Server had run out of disk space and the pluginsvr_config.xml had
    become corrupted.  Once the disk space issue was resolved, RSSO worked normally. 

    Another possible reason for pluginsvr_config.xml file is corrupted is that there was an AR Server hotfix build deployed in environment.
    This hotfix deployment make pluginsvr_config.xml file corrupted.
    We use another working pluginsvr_config.xml file backup one, have "ARSYS.AREA.RSSO" plugin added on pluginsvr_config.xml file.
    User Authentication works.

    As the RSSO plugin within AR Server is loaded by the <AR Server Install Path>\pluginsvr\pluginsvr_config.xml
    file, if there are any problems with the pluginsvr_config.xml or the RSSO plugin within that file, this
    can cause the ARERR 623 problem until the pluginsvr_config.xml issue is addressed.


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