SMARTIT Timeout (Session Expired) Issues when accessed via Load Balancer

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    SmartIT timeout setting is using the default value of 30 minutes and RSSO timeout is set to the maximum of 10 hours. 

    MyIT/SmartIT is in a load balanced environment.  Users are getting refresh issues after 5 minutes of inactivity on the SmartIT client.  They are specifically seeing it on the Smart Recorder and 'Create New' but not limited to these areas.  When the 'refresh' occurs, the page is reloaded, making the users start from scratch (the user remains logged into SmartIT, however).  Any information they have previously entered into Smart Recorder or Create New is wiped out.  When looking at Fiddler and browser logging, I see that the user session has expired.



    Load Balancer F5 timeout settings is causing the refresh


    After investigating further, it was determined that the issue only occurs when SmartIT is accessed via the F5 Load Balancer.  Customer needs to update F5 timeout settings as per documented in F5 Support documentation:

    1) There are four BIG-IP objects that have idle time-out values: 
    Note: Please see and ensure that all the timeout settings for each object is configured correctly. 

    Protocol profiles 
    OneConnect profile 

    Each of these objects have profiles that have default timeout values. For example, Protocol Profiles have 5 profiles: Fast L4 profile, Fast HTTP profile, SCTP profile, TCP profile, and UDP profile. The default timeout values for these profiles are 300 seconds which is 5 minutes. 

    Also, for the UDP or IP SNAT, when set to Indefinite, UDP or IP SNAT translation idle time-out periods are internally limited to a maximum of 300 seconds. So this could be why we are seeing the 5 minutes timeout when these settings were set to 'indefinite'. 

    2) Verify that Sticky sessions are in place. This is important so that sessions are preserved. 

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