"An error occurred while checking Smart Reporting version" In Smart Reporting 9.1

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting


    Smart Reporting 9.1



    • "An error occurred while checking Smart Reporting version" while perfroming Onboarding in Smart Reporting 9.1
    • Issue appears on a Non- Windows Server
       Issue can be reproduced by below steps:

    1. Install Smart Reporting 9.1 on Non-windows server 
    2. Run the onboarding, it will pass the validation 
    3. Use the same terminal session used for the Installation, and Restart the Smart Reporting server 
    4. Run the Onboarding now and it will fail with the Version validation error i.e. "An error occurred while checking Smart Reporting version" 



    There is a server terminal session currently used by the reporting application to restart the service where BMC_SMART_REPORTING_HOME is not saved as env variable.


    1. Terminate the installation run session and create new session.
    2. Check for the  BMC_SMART_REPORTING_HOME, make sure it exists
    3. Restart the Smart Reporting Server using above session and once the server is started perform the On-boarding, then it will go successfully

    If the above steps does not work.

    Please find the attached fixed file, which should skip the version validation and proceed with Onboarding

    1. Stop the Smart reporting server
    2. Navigate to the /opt/bmc/ARSystem/SmartReporting/appserver/webapps/onboarding/WEB-INF/classes/com/bmc/servlet and backup the CreateUser.class file to backup directory.
    3. Replace the CreateUser.class with the attached file
    4. Restart the Smart reporting server
    5. Run the Onboarding

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