High CPU Utilization: arcmdb and arrecond

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    High CPU Utilization: arcmdb and arrecond

    Customer had a 7.6.04 environment where arcmdb and arrecond were consuming a lot of memory resources. This environment was idle and there were no reconciliation jobs running to cause the high cpu utilization. After disabling the reconciliation engine process the arcmdb is still consuming 25% of the memory resources.





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    Checked that processes were not not frozen with cmdbdriver, we were able to get the list of classes, but the arcmdbd.exe process was taking more than 1,5 GB of memory and was consuming 25% of the server CPU (that means a whole processor was at 100%).

    We stopped the AR Server, launched each process from armonitor.cfg. No errors.

    We checked Application Pending form, and it was filled with CMDB dispatcher request to another server (32500 entries aprox.). After removing those entries, arcmdbd.exe process shrunk to 5-7 MB, which is the usual size.

    In addition to the above we need to make sure that server group configuration is correct, we have seen cases where Reconciliation entries gets created in chunks because Reconciliation Operation was not set on "AR Server Group Ranking" form. Make sure that Server Group Alias are specified correctly across all application servers in ar.cfg/ar.conf files.


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