On Overview Console, one or more columns are empty

Version 10
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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Remedy ITSM Foundation


    Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.x, 9.x, 18.x, 19.x



    On Overview Console, one or more columns are empty

    In ITSM one or more columns on Overview Console were not visible. Things are working fine in Incident Management Console, Problem Console, Change Console. This happens only in Overview Console.

    The SHR:Union_Overview Console form is not Overlaid and was OOTB still this issue occurred. This is happening for all types of requests (Incident, Problem, Change, Work Order)
    On troubleshooting this issue when I checked the database level and checked the table dbo.SHR_Union_OverviewConsole found that the Column ConsolidatedStatus holds the record similar to the Column Reuest_Status.




    Steps to fix the issue:

    1. Login as administrator and open the form SHR:Union_DataSource_FieldMappings and make sure the mappings are setup correctly for the field, from OOTB we have 579 mappings for Overview Console.
    3. If everything is fine with the mapping, go to form SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole
    5. From the Implementation Area select "Overview Console"
    7. Click the button "Build/Rebuild Database Union Structure".

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