Discovery: Message "Ambiguity in determining device kind - falling back to unsupported device" when scanning a supported Network Device

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    Customer is seeing discovery failures on a large number of network devices that are already integrated in Discovery. The Discovery Access shows that getDeviceInfo, getMACAddresses, getIPAddresses, getNetworkInterfaces, and getNames all have status "OK" but the discovery result is Skipped - Unsupported Device. The getDeviceInfo has a script failure with message "Ambiguity in determining device kind - falling back to unsupported device".





    In the Discovery UI, on the Administration-> Discovery Configuration page, one or more of the following options have been modified to have a value of "No" :

    • Use SNMP SysDescr to identify OS
    • Always try "public" community when using SNMP to identify OS
    • Use Open ports to identify OS   
    Change the above options to a value of "Yes", and the network devices will be discovered successfully. 

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