Verifying whether the BMC Function Modules are installed into SAP.

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    Control-M for SAP


    Control-M/CM for SAP



      How to verify (check) if the BMC Function Modules are installed into SAP?




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        1.   Logon to the SAP server.

    1. Use SAP transaction "se80" to view the function modules installed on the SAP system.
    3. On the left hand pane, chose "function group".
    5. On the field below "function group", enter the CM for SAP function group name:    
      1. For SAP R/3:   BMCCTRLM/CM
      3. For SAP BW:   BMCCTRLM/BWXX
      5. For SAP DA:   BMCCTRLM/DA
    7. Expand the "Function Modules" folder that is displayed in the Object Name window and verify that all of the function modules are installed.
    9. The following is a complete list with descriptions of the BMC Function Modules for CM for SAP 6.2.01.




    R/3 function modules:

    /BMCCTRLM/ABAP_STEP_PARM_ADD    : Additional parameters for ABAP step 


    /BMCCTRLM/BI_MONITOR                        : Monitor batch input session 
    /BMCCTRLM/BI_SELECT_QID                   : Select qid by session name (for batch input) 
    /BMCCTRLM/BI_START                            : Start batch input session 
    /BMCCTRLM/CHECK_ACCOUNT               :BMC -account checks  
    /BMCCTRLM/CLEAR_CTM_TABLE            : Remove a job from Control-M jobs table 
    /BMCCTRLM/CONVERT_WILD_CARDS     : CTM to open-sql wild cards conversion 
    /BMCCTRLM/COPY_RECIP_OBJ               : Change spool list recipient 
    /BMCCTRLM/CREATE_RECIPIENT_OBJ    : Create a recipient object
    /BMCCTRLM/DEL_OBSOLETE_JOBS        : Delete from internal table jobs that no longer exist in SAP DB 
    /BMCCTRLM/GET_EVENTS_LIST              : get events list
    /BMCCTRLM/GET_PGM_LIST                    : Get ABAP programs list by generic program name 
    /BMCCTRLM/GET_QID_LIST                     : get QID list
    /BMCCTRLM/GET_SYSTEM_INFO            : BMC getsysteminfo (internal)
    /BMCCTRLM/GET_XBP_INFO                   : Get XBP info (internal)
    /BMCCTRLM/JOBCLASS_CHANGE          : Change the jobclass parameter for a given job 
    /BMCCTRLM/MARK_AS_CTM                  : Mark Control-m jobs in Control-m table 
    /BMCCTRLM/RAISE_EVENT                    : Raise event 
    /BMCCTRLM/SELECT_EXTERNAL_JOBS : Filter only non CTM jobs (jobs that were not submitted by CTM) 
    /BMCCTRLM/TRACK_LIST                       : Return status of list of jobs 
    /BMCCTRLM/VAR_MAN                          : Variant management 
    /BMCCTRLM/VAR_SHOW                       : Variant Parameters Show



    BW function modules:


    /BMCCTRLM/BW_CHECKS                     : BMC - Checks for BW account


    /BMCCTRLM/BW_GET_IPAK_SYSOUT    : get InfoPackage sysout(log) for BW2.x


    /BMCCTRLM/BW_GET_JOB_DETAILS     : get CCMS job details for request number


    /BMCCTRLM/BW_GET_REQ_SELECT     : get the records sent/received count during a load request


    /BMCCTRLM/BW_SET_JOB_NAME         : set job name for infopackage before sending




    Data Archiving function modules:


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_DETECT_JOBS             : Detect Data Archiving jobs for a specific session


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_GET_ARC_OBJ_LIST    : Get Archiving Object list by generic name


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_GET_SESSION_LIST    : Get Data Archiving sessions list by Archiving Object


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_GET_SESSION_NBR    : Retrieve Data Archiving session number


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_GET_WRITE_PGM       : Program retrieval for write job


    /BMCCTRLM/DA_PRE_CHECKS             : Validity checks and program retrieval for write job




    BMC does not modify any SAP modules. Additionally, we use our own namespace, "/BMCCTRLM", provided for us by SAP. In this way we guarantee not to overwrite any existing SAP objects.

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