Remedy - Server - Java Plug-in/ JMX listening on the wrong interface displays errors: "javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL.....Reason: Connection refused: connect"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server on Windows OS.


    > 2 Network interfaces :

    > One NIC subnet ( is for the application.

    > Other NIC Subnet ( for Management purposes such as doing RDP etc ..

    > Errors : javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL: tcp://nnnnnn:61617?wireFormat.maxInactivityDurationInitalDelay=120000. Reason: Connection refused: connect

    > Performing netstat -ano |findstr 61617 it is found the traffic is happening in NIC subnet ( as well, which is not suppose to go on interface 2 as per the below output:

     TCP ARServer-name:49205 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49206 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49207 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49208 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49209 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49210 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49211 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49212 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49213 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49214 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49215 ESTABLISHED TCP ARServer-name:49216 ESTABLISHED...................





    1- Check the ar.cfg/ar.conf file for the actual AR Server name.
    Note, depending if being on a Server Group or not the Server Name will be located on a different parameter:
    Single Server env:
    Server-name: ARServerName

    Server Group env:
    Server-name: LoadBalancerName
    Server-Connect-Name: ARServerName

    2- Go into the Hosts file in the OS and make sure there is an entry for the ARServerName and current IP address.
    Example:   ARServerName

    If the env. is a Server Group env. then the Hosts file of each AR Server box will need to have the ARServerName for each AR Server belonging to the group and the correspondent IP address.
    Example:   ARServerName1   ARServerName2   ARServerName3

    The IP-Name parameter does not affect in any manner.

    3- So, make sure to do the following :
         - Take a backup before making any changes.
         - Flush DNS.
         - Restart AR server services on all servers.


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