Remedy Smart Reporting - Upgrade Issue "Not able to connect to Provided Smart Reporting Url"

Version 2
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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    Smart Reporting all versions


    During the upgrade of Smart Reporting from any lower version to a higher version, installer does not detect the existing smart reporting installation. 

    Below error is thrown in the installer:

    Not able to connect to Provided Smart Reporting url.
      THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[Can not connect to Reporting server],Detail=[Redirection to SSL failed for provided Smart Reporting URL]},
      Throwable=[ Redirection to SSL failed for provided Smart Reporting URL



    SSL connector been enabled


    This has been raised as a Defect#  SW00522008

    Workaround: Disable SSL in the Smart Reporting tomcat by commenting out the SSL connector section.

    Restart the Smart Reporting and after that the installer will be able to connect.

    Note: If Auto Forwarding of SSL is enabled in the web.xml file, disable it.


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