'Pre-execution command' and 'Post-execution command'  fields are not shown in FileWatcher jobs in the Control-M Workload Automation client

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager





      'Pre-execution command' and 'Post-execution command'  fields are not shown in FileWatcher jobs in the Control-M Workload Automation client

      Because %%PRECMD and %%POSTCMD are reserved autoedit variables names they cannot be added in the Variables section.

      In previous versions it is possible to add %%PRECMD and %%POSTCMD autoedit variables in File Watcher jobs (using File Watcher job form)


    Applies to


      Control-M Workload Automation client 8.0.00




    Legacy ID:KA419925



      CAR00050851 - "Pre-execution command" and "Post-execution command" are missing in job definition for "FileWatcher" job in Workload Automation Client.

     CAR00050851  is resolved in 8.0.00 fix pack 7 of Control-M/Enterprise Manager (Control-M/EM) released May 2015.
    BMC's preferred solution is that you apply this fix pack or higher if available, however in the interim
    you may continue to use this workaround.  


    Additional Information


      File Watcher jobs that contain "Pre-execution command" and "Post-execution command" from previous versions will run as expected with the commands. They are not visible in FileWatcher job but they will be executed by Control-M/Agent


      In order to create a File Watcher job with PRE/POST commands, you can create an OS job and fill those fields (in the More section), then to change the Job Type to File Watcher and fill all other necessary fields.

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