Installing and configuring Exchange Km 6.1

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    PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers


    Exchange Km , Remote Exchange Server Monitoring , Installing Exchange Km


    How to install Exchange Km 6.1 above Exchange Km 6.0 and How to configure it ?


    Here is the prerequisite for the KM , please make sure we have all the prerequisite met


    • Patrol agent & KM V6.10.00 must be install on a server within the Exchange domain, the following windows components must be exist on this patrol agent machine:      
      • .NET version 3.5
      • PowerShell V2.0
      • EMS- Exchange management shell (only if you are monitoring Exchange server V2007).
    • User account:      
      • Exchange connection:        
        • Domain user account
        • Local admin user on the patrol agent machine
        • View only organization management
      • OS connection:        
        • Domain account in the admin group on the monitored Exchange server machine
    • Supported Exchange server versions:      
      • 2007 (client/Internet roundtrip: only 2007 SP3)
      • 2010/2013/2016
    • BMC products:      
      • Patrol agent version 9.0 and later
      • BPPM V9.0 and later
      • Patrol console 3.6.00 and later
      • Patrol central operator 7.X

    To achieve that here is the steps that you need to carry :

    a) We need to remove all the Exchange related policies which are applied to the installed agent.

    b) Uninstall Exchange Km 6.0.0 completely.

    c) Add the Exchange Km 6.1.00 in the CMA repository.

    b) Install Exchange Km 6.1.00 with common installer 9.6.

    b.1) While selecting the mode to install , select only remote monitoring and leave the local monitoring.

    For Configuring the Exchange Km , please refer the Doc attached. 


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