Discovery: CMDB sync does not always populate the Model or Manufacturer attribute for the BMC_Application class, and this causes an error in CMDB normalization.

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery



    CMDB normalization requires values for Model and Manufacturer. However, the CMDB.BAI_Application sync mapping pattern, which maps BusinessApplicationInstance to BMC_Application, does not provide a default for Manufacturer.





    Legacy ID:KA423778


    The decision to not populate a default value (for example "BMC_UNKNOWN") for the Model and Manufacturer fields was made for design reasons. Currently, there is no intention to change this behavior.

    The preferred solution for this problem is to change Normalization (from the CMDB side). Remove the BMC_Application class from the list of normalized classes (via the Normalization Engine Attribute Information form or from the Normalization console). The effect is immediate. CI’s in that class will then be set to "Not applicable for normalization" and pass the Reconciliation merge activity gate to be merged into BMC.ASSET dataset even with the "Process Normalized CIs only" setting.

    If the preferred solution is not acceptable, the alternative is to create a custom sync mapping pattern to populate the Manufacturer field from Discovery.  


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