Slow performance on Control-M/Enterprise Manager or Control-M/Server when using Database Postgres

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager Control-M Server PostgreSQL database



      The following situations have been detected in both Control-M/Enterprise Manager and Control-M Server involving slow performance when Postgress Database is used 
      Control-M/Enterprise : 
      All Gateways seem to be stuck in "download" status 
      Gateway activity is too slow 
      GUI activity very slow 
      Control-M Server :  
      Slow New day or job ordering 
      Usually this is an indicator the system is suffering a I/O performance problem, to confirm it and as Control-M/Enterprise Manager owner run the command: 
      ecs gtw -db_perf (For version 6.4.01 or earlier)  
    em gtw -db_perf (For version 7.0.00 or later) 
      The test for 1000 iterations of insert and update should run faster than 6 seconds, otherwise apply the steps in the solution section: 



    Slow Database performance



    1.      cd $EM_HOME/pgsql/data or $Control-M/Server_HOME/pgsql/data

      2.      save the current copy of the file postgresql.conf to postgresql.conf.original 
      3.      edit postgresql.conf and change “fsync=on” to “fsync=off” 
      4.      save the file 
      5.      execute "pg_ctl reload" 
      6.      Run the benchmark again (ecs gtw -db_perf or em gtw -db_perf) and verify that performance has in fact improved. 
      Turning FSYNC to off will speed up only slow storage systems or disks. If the performance increase by turning off FSYNC is very significant, this is an indicator that your system is having a I/O performance problem. When the local storage is enhanced or fixed, it is recommended that you go back to FSYNC=ON, provided that the above benchmark is below 6 seconds. 


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