How to remove the "Change My Password" button from Self Service Web

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    BMC Track-It!


    Is there any way to remove the Change My Password button from the "My Profile" page in Self Service Web?


    NOTE: The Change Password functionality in Self Service web only changes the passwords that were defined by the Track-It! administrator for each user, if applicable. The Change Password functionality does not change the user's actual Active Directory password.

    To disable the Change My Password button in Self Service Web, enable the "User cannot change password" option in the user records in Track-It!. This can be done individually, or can be set for every user by running a script.

    Disable the Change My Password Button for Individual Users:

    1. In Technician Client, click Tools -> Administration Console.
    3. Under Lookup Tables -> Administration, click on Users.
    5. Select the user for which you would like to disable the change password button, and then click Edit.
    7. Under the Web Access tab, enable the "User cannot change password" option and then click Save.
       Disable the Change My Password Button for All Existing Users:  
    1. Download the file attached in this article containing a file that can be used to disable the Change My Password button for ALL existing users in the Users lookup table.
    3. Extract the file from the zip into the following folder on the Track-It! server (default):

      Track-It! 10.x and 11.x upgrades
      C:\Program Files\Numara Software\Numara Track-It!\Track-It! Server\Support

      Track-It! 11.x new
      C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Server\Support
    5. Run the RunTSF.exe in the folder.
    7. Select "Disable Change Password Option for All Users" and then click Run.
    9. Close the application.
       All existing users who login to Self Service will no longer see the Change My Password button in the My Profile area of Self Service Web.

    Going forward, when adding new users to the Users lookup table, make sure to enable the "User cannot change password" option so that the button will never appear for the new users.



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