When a ProactiveNet event rule is used to send an email on an event that also generated an Incident via BSR, duplicate emails are sent

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Application Server


    BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.00.50, 11.0 and 11.3.x


    When an event rule is defined in the TSIM Operations Console to send an email on events, and the event also generates an Incident via BSR, the event rule will be triggered more than once.  This is causing multiple emails to be sent.


    Defect TOM-24570 - Event rules getting triggered multiple times when the event related slot value gets modified. TOM-24821 Event rules are triggered multiple times when the event related slot value is modified.


    Please add below parameters in <TSIM_INSTALL_DIRECTORY>\pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf and then restart TSIM Server.

    • pronet.action.actioninvokingexcludedslots.ALARM=mc_smc_impact,mc_smc_id,mc_date_modification,mc_propagations,itsm_incident_id,itsm_incident_status,mc_event_relations,mc_associations,mc_relationships,administrator,mc_notes
    • pronet.action.actioninvokingexcludedslots.ABNORMALITY=mc_smc_impact,mc_smc_id,mc_date_modification,mc_propagations,itsm_incident_id,itsm_incident_status,mc_event_relations,mc_associations,mc_relationships,administrator
    • pronet.action.exludedslotsapplicableclasses=ALARM,ABNORMALITY,PATROL_EV


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