Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 Agent Deployment tool

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager Version 9.0.00 Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows Version 9.0.00





    This article addresses some frequently asked questions about the Control-M 9.0.00 Agent Deployment tool available from the Control-M/Enterprise Manager's Control-M Configuration Manager.




    1. Why is the installation package not detected by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool?

    • The installation packages names expected by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool are case sensitive.  Please keep the package name as it was download from the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Sometimes, when downloading the Linux/UNIX packages on Windows, the Z extension is changed to z.  Please validate that the Z extension is in capital and retry.
    • For Windows only, the package might BLOCKED. To verify, open the 'Properties' of the file to check if it has "Unblock" on lower right hand corner of properties screen. Unblock the file and logout and log back into CCM for changes to take effect.

    2. Is there downtime when performing a Control-M/Agent upgrade?


    Control-M/Agent 8.0.00 Fix Pack 100, there is no downtime for UNIX/Linux agents.
    Control-M/Agent 9.0.00 Fix Pack 100, there is no downtime for agents running on Windows.
    For previous versions there is a brief downtime.


    3. Can I downgrade a Control-M/Agent that was upgraded outside of the Control-M Agent Deployment tool?


    No, only the Control-M/Agents upgraded with the Control-M Agent Deployment tool can be downgraded.


    4. Why are the Control-M/Agent fix packs not detected by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool?


    The only fix packs detected by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool are the fix packs released for Control-M/Agent 9.0.00.  Please upgrade the agent to version 9.0.00 before deploying fix packs.


    5. How does the Control-M Agent Deployment tool transfer the fix pack file to the Control-M/Agent?


     The packages are transferred via clear text using the ports opened for the communication between the Control-M/Server and the Control-M/Agent.


    6.  Why do I get a platform error when upgrading a Control-M/Agent? I have copied the correct installation package to the repository.


    Before Control-M 9.0.00, the Control-M/Agents running on Linux were installed in 32 bit mode even when they are running on a 64 bit Linux OS. In order to avoid these errors, please also download the 32 bit version of the installation package.


    7. Why do I get the error "PERL_PATH couldn't be resolved" or "PERL_LIB_PATH installation couldn't be resolved" while performing an upgrade activity?


    The activities performed by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool use the bmcperl directory that's created with the Control-M/Agent installation; it's very possible that this directory has been deleted and that's the cause of these error messages. You can copy the directory from another Control-M/Agent with the same version and paste it on the agent that's facing this error.


    8. What are the most useful configuration parameters used by the Control-M Agent Deployment tool?


    The most useful parameters are:


    Control-M/Server parameters


    - DEPLOYMENT_THREADS. Determines the maximum number of upgrade or downgrade processes that can run simultaneously. Default: 5


    - AD_RETAIN_PACKAGES. Determines the number of days that the installation package is saved in the Control-M/Server cache. Default 30


    Valid Values:
    0: Never remove


     Control-M/Agent System Parameters:


    - AD_GA_RETAIN_DAYS. Determines the number of days to keep the backup4restore directory on the Control-M/Agent, which is used to downgrade to the original version of the Control-M/Agent, after an upgrade has occurred.


    NOTE: If you do not plan to downgrade the Control-M/Agent, it is recommended to delete the directory to save disk space.


    Default: 30


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager System Parameters:


    - CentralDeployLocation. Determines a specific network location for the packages repository.


    NOTE: If the Control-M/Enterprise Manager is running on Windows, verify that the user defined in the Control-M/Enterprise Manager Configuration Agent Windows service has access to the relevant network location.


     The Connect with Control-M session for the Control-M Agent Deployment Tool is available on YouTube. You can access it by following the next link:

    9) How much diskspace is required for automatic deployment to run? 
      It requires 5 times the original packages size(zip or tar.Z file of agent installation file): 
      Because we need to transfer ( encoded to base 64 ) 
      Decode to binary 
      Create backup of current agent for long run 
      Upgrade and keep old and new binaries to work in parallel to support upgrade with no down time 
    10) Is deployment support on Agent installed on Windows Cluster?  
      Yes it is.  
    11) Can I use the Control-M Agent Deployment Tool to upgrade Control-M/Agent 7.0.00 to Control-M/Agent 8.0.00?  
      No, Agent Deployment Tool is only supported for upgrading to Control-M/Agent 9.0.00.  
    12) What is the lowest version of Control-M Agent can be supported with Agent Deployment upgrade?  
      Control-M Agent 6.4.01 is the lowest version supported. It is highly recommended to install the latest fix pack 500 before upgrade with agent deployment tool.  
    13) Does the Automation API (AAPI) support Agent Deployment?  
      Yes, the provision upgrade commands can be used either by using the ctm-cli application or by making a REST call to the Enterprise Manager Server. 
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