Client Management: License status shows invalid in console after upgrade or database user permission modification

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    BMC Client Management - Master Server


    Applies to all BMC Client Management version


    You might see that all your license status shows invalid in console after modifying the database user permissions .  This is usually done by mistake to perform an upgrade

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    If you view the mtxagent.log file on the mater in ..\master\log you might see these errors (ERR) 

    2016/10/10 14:50:30 Vision64Database                 ERR [2716] SQL Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'DatabaseInformation'. (Native error: 208); [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The cursor was not declared. (Native error: 16945)

    2016/10/10 14:50:30 Vision64Database                 ERR [2716] Query: SELECT FieldValue FROM DatabaseInformation WHERE FieldName=N'DatabaseVersionMajor'


    Database user account configuration.


    To resolve this you need to remove the "sysadmin" role from the Client Management database user account.  This might be "BCMDBUSER" or "FPACDBUSER".
    The account should only have the "Public" Server Roles enabled in SQL (see 2nd screenshot for Server Roles).  
    This can be modified by accessing the database using SQL Management Studio.   

    So on the SQL server management studio you need to go to the security >> Logins folder and edit the "bcmdbuser/facdbuser" account. You must have administrator permissions to make this change to the account.

    The permission should be similar to the below screenshots  

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    User-added imageUser-added image

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