How to install a new license file for Track-It! - Includes Video

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    Track-It! 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4


    I have just received a new Trackit.lic license file for Track-It!. How do I apply the file?


    If you have recently upgraded your license file to receive additional technician, audit or other Track-It! add-on licenses, the file will either be sent to you or you can send a support request to Track-It! Technical Support to request a copy of it.

    Alternately we have also created a Video Tutorial that will help you to update the Track-It! License file. Please watch the Video Below


      NOTE: If you are installing Track-It!, and you do not have the license file, you can enter your Track-It! serial number and activation key during installation to have it automatically downloaded for you. Alternatively, if you already have the same version of Track-It! installed on another machine, or if you have the license file in another location, you can browse for the file in that machine''s Track-It! Server directory. The license file is found in the    Track-It! Server folder by default (ie. C:\Program Files\Numara Software\Numara Track-It!\   Track-It! Server).  
    In order to install a new license file, take the following steps:  
    1. Have everyone close out of Track-It!.
    3. On the Track-It! server, open the following directory, depending on installation (default):

      Track-It! 8.x, 9, 10.x, and 11.x upgrades
      C:\Program Files\Numara Software\Numara Track-It!\Track-It! Server

      Track-It! 11.x new
      C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Server
    5. Copy the new Trackit.lic license file into the Track-It! Server folder and overwrite the existing one if prompted to do so.
    7. Next, right-click the license file and select Properties. If an Unblock button is available, click it.
    9. Once you have copied the new license file to the Track-It! Server directory, take the following steps to ensure that permissions are setup properly on the file. Failure to take these steps could prohibit the applications from reading the file properly.
    11. Right-click the Track-It! Server folder where the new license file had been copied and select Properties.
    13. Click the Security tab.
    15. Next, click the Advanced button shown towards the bottom.
    17. Enable the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects option and then click Ok.
    19. Click Yes to confirm.
    21. Click Ok to close the directory's properties.
    23. Finally, restart the following services on the Track-It! server depending on Track-It! version:

      Builds or prior:
      Track-It! Configuration 
      All builds higher than (version 8.5.x, 9, 10.x, and 11.x):
         Track-It! Service Management 
      1. Restart the IIS Admin service on the Track-It! Web server if Track-It! Web is installed.


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